Onli Flowers CO2 Vape – Super Lemon Kush


OnliFlowers delivers Full Spectrum CO2 oil cartridges, allowing you to experience the unique highs
different cannabis genetics has to offer. Our oil is derived from single strain origins, without any additives

What is CO2 Oil?
Not all oils are created equal. CO2 Oil is a full-body extraction of the cannabis plant that preserves the
fullest range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This process ensures that you receive the
complete benefits of the cannabis plant, as nature intended it. Distillate products differ from what we offer
and focus primarily on providing a high THC extract, with reintroduced terpenes or artificial terpenes
meant to simulate a specific strain. Our extraction process aims to do the opposite of this and pulls from
the whole essence of the plant to preserve the compounds that give you the unique experience each
cannabis strain has to offer.


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