How to buy weed

We live in an era where you can buy marijuana online anywhere in the world. Essentially there are only two places where the plant is fully legal Uruguay and Canada. Both places are the only countries that have fully legalized the consumption and sale of recreational cannabis nationwide. In the United States, ten states and the District of Columbia have legalized sales and consumption although it remains federally illegal. Court rulings in Georgia and South Africa have led to the legalization of consumption of cannabis, but not legal sales. A policy of limited enforcement has also been adopted in many countries, in particular, Spain and the Netherlands where the sale of cannabis is tolerated at licensed establishments.

But in the world where you can find anything and everything with a click of a button, weed is one of the commodities that is the most consumed substance in the world. So how do you buy weed online, essentially we refer back to how to buy weed online in Canada but what about if you live in other parts of the world.

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Well, the concept is similarly very much the same we suggest first you research the reviews on the company you’re looking into. Secondly, pictures! Pictures can be edited so feel free to email the company and ask for more pictures of the strain you’re looking into! After you’re satisfied with the pictures and the products make sure you are aware of the shipping and packaging details of the company. If you are ordering weed online it is best to make sure your package is coming in a vacuum sealed bag with a boveda pack (for order larger than 14 grams) it matters if the company cares to get the package to your door fresh. Nothing beats opening a fresh bag of weed!

Lastly, it is best that the company sends the packaging in a small box. Boxes matter, remember nugs get crushed in a bag essentially ruins the terps on the nugs, plus it ruins the look of the bud for us bud connoisseur this really matters!

Our last word of advice! Request a signature upon delivery, weed packages go missing easily especially in Canada as the boxes and packages from the millions of companies out there send from Canada post. Unless you live in a country where there are severe regulations against marijuana, requesting a signature will save you a lot of trouble as most companies would not want to replace your package if it is stolen or lost in the mail.

Hope these key points help you guys order some good weed right to your door!