Taking Shrooms For The First Time? Here Are Some Tips For You!

Planning to go on your first magic mushroom trip? Have no clue of what to do? Here, we are sharing with you some of the tips that will help make your experience of magic mushrooms more psychedelic. Since we have discovered that magic mushrooms have several therapeutic benefits, we are sure you are willing to […]

Vape | Things To Look For When Buying A Vape Pen For Cannabis

Vaping has become a trend today and with that, the demand for vape products have also risen. Among those products is the vape pen. Vape pens for weed are becoming very popular day by day and this is the reason why we have decided to share with you the list of things that you must […]

What Are CBD Edibles? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

We all are aware of this that CBD industry is booming at the pace that no one could have imagined. Today we have all kinds of CBD products starting from CBD bath bombs, CBD infused workout gear, to CBD gummies. Here, we are going to discuss everything important about CBD edibles. So, if that is […]

Magic Mushroom | Good For Health Or Not?

Since the discovery of magic mushrooms, there have been a lot of debates on whether or not it is safe to consume them. Mushrooms are known to all as a fungus that is edible. But when we talk about magic mushrooms, they are different. These are basically psychedelic mushrooms that are known as psilocybin Cubensis. […]

Buy marijuana in the Toronto region

In the Toronto region, the purchasing of weed is very authentic. Buy marijuana online in Toronto Is a very common tagline for every purchaser and customer. The Ontario cannabis store is very popular in Toronto for business. The legalization of the website is done for circulating the weed business. The customer uses this website with […]

Complete Guide to Buy Marijuana Online using secure e-commerce website

As the digital world is emerging with a fast pace of Technology, online purchase is also increasing rapidly. Buy marijuana online in BC is a tagline for every Online shopping center. The attachment with the product is very much familiar for every busy citizen. The whole scenario is predictable and can be achievable by the […]

Cannabis at your doorstep

The sale of cannabis has been legalized throughout Canada for medicinal use. Hence, buying marijuana in BC and weed has become easier since several trusted online websites have been certified for the sale of marijuana and weed. One of the major crises the people face is the lack of availability of marijuana and cannabis at […]

Purchases of cannabis and marijuana Online

Purchases of cannabis and marijuana have become legalized in Canada. In cities like Toronto, there are several stores doing regular sales of cannabis, weed and marijuana for medicinal purposes only.  But one of the setbacks is the lack of availability of cannabis in these stores.  Hence buying marijuana online is highly preferred these days. There […]

Looking for the best cannabis store?

If you are also looking for the best online dispensary Canada, to have a variety of cannabis for you then Exclusive Bud is here to help you. Exclusive Bud is a mail order cannabis store that provides its customers with the facility of buying weed online. As we are aware that weed has its benefits […]

In what ways can Cannabis help your problems?

All praises to the government for making cannabis legal in Canada in 2018. It has been three years since Canada has made the possession of cannabis legal and can be used for medicinal purposes, recreational purposes and has shown tremendous promise in the legal cannabis industry.  Cannabis can be used for a lot of purposes […]

Main Advantages For Shopping From Best Online Dispensary Canada

A major change in the understanding of cannabis has arisen in recent years as more and more evidence is available, demonstrating its many health benefits. In many countries across the world, the decreased stigma and increased interest in the herb have contributed to the legalization of marijuana. In fact, in 2018, Canada legalized the use […]

Want To Buy Weed Online in BC? Let Us Be Your Best Companion

Exclusive buds Online Pharmacy is one of the biggest online to buy weed online in BC. We have been cultivating our medicinal weed for 10 years now with regard to the highest customary production gauges, using the finest fixings expertly chosen by our farmers.  Cannabis is a cannabis plant preparation intended for use as a […]

Mail order Cannabis store

What is a mail-order cannabis store? Is it safe to shop from there? A ton of mail-order marijuana has been said and written about. While some people swear by it and call it one of the most viable alternatives available for buying cannabis, others have 101 reasons for slamming it. But despite all that, Exclusive […]

Buy Weed Online Toronto. A comprehensive guide to shopping online

You can buy weed online Toronto through the Exclusive Bud or in person at a privately owned registered dispensary if you’re 19 or older. If you procure weed from somewhere else, you could face a fine of up to $100,000 and/or a year in jail. You will buy up to 30 grams (about one ounce) […]

Planning to buy Marijuana Online in BC? This is all you need to consider

More countries are now providing for medical and recreational consumption of marijuana. Thanks to the decision, medical marijuana dispensaries have appeared in these states. Due to its numerous benefits, many customers became more interested in marijuana. It could also begin to sell out fast enough as hotcakes. But there are factors and variables that you […]

Is Buying Marijuana Online In Toronto Safe When It Comes To Online Shopping?

A herbal substance is also thought to be marijuana. People think it’s easy to use and clean of adulterants with the advent of drug legalization. This will entirely depend, though, on when and how you buy this drug. Many dangerous additives, including pesticides and inert adulterants such as vegetable oil, can be found in batches […]

Buy Weed Online Vancouver, BC

As recreational cannabis became legal in Canada in July 2018, the journey to legalization seemed clear. The train derailed when the Canadian government named ex-Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to lead the legalization process. The burgeoning cannabis sector began to raise red flags as a result of several delays in the legalization process. It became […]

Things to know when shopping for cannabis

In the course of smoking marijuana, purchasing cannabis flowers is important. Depending on the local market, catching up with your buddy is a personal experience that can be both total and missing. Doing so in a legal state provides you with a regulated, educational, and secure way to buy high-grade marijuana. On the contrary, sales […]

Want To Buy Weed Online in BC? Let Us Be Your Best Companion

Exclusive buds Online Pharmacy is one of the biggest online to buy weed online in BC. We have been cultivating our medicinal weed for 10 years now with regard to the highest customary production gauges, using the finest fixings expertly chosen by our farmers.  Cannabis is a cannabis plant preparation intended for use as a […]

The Best Sativa From A Leading Brand

Across Canada & United States, cannabis products are becoming more available. Hemp and CBD products extracted from hemp are legal at the federal level, medicinal cannabis use is now approved by most U.S. states, and more and more states are considering legalizing adult recreational use of marijuana. As the access to cannabis products grows and […]

A Quick Glimpse On The Best Products To Give You A Calm Mind

If you are looking out to shop for the best indica products then you must have a look at the products offered with exclusive buds. A promise of guarantee and the best quality product delivery makes them the leading suppliers of the products from indica, Sativa, and hybrid. How To Place An Order? Sign up […]

A quick guide to the best concentrates from a leading brand

The concentrates from our brand are reliable and tested. They are from leading brands and are made using the best quality material for offering 100% customer satisfaction to the user. All you need to do is to place an order and get the best products delivered to your doorstep at an express speed. It is […]

Looking Out To Switch To Vaping? Shop From Our Products And Enjoy Endless Benefits!!

Are you planning to switch on to vaping and quit smoking? Let us help you out as our buds offer the best benefits to the users: Benefits of vaping Are you planning to switch over from cigarettes to vaping but are still confused then let us have a look at the benefits of vaping before […]

CBD Strain Profile: Warlock

CBD enriched Warlock strain is a heavy Indica dominant hybrid with an average of 11% THC and CBD of 11%. Warlock CBD is an indica-dominant strain, is a cross Skunk and Afghani varieties. This indica-dominant hybrid with a 2:1 THC: CBD ratio, making it ideal for those seeking the plant’s therapeutic properties and not the strong […]

How to buy weed

We live in an era where you can buy marijuana online anywhere in the world. Essentially there are only two places where the plant is fully legal Uruguay and Canada. Both places are the only countries that have fully legalized the consumption and sale of recreational cannabis nationwide. In the United States, ten states and the District of Columbia have legalized […]

How to buy weed online in Canada: Guide on buying Mail order Marijuana

Many people are buying weed online. Here at exclusivebud.com we receive emails on the daily asking general question on how to buy weed online. So we put together a comprehensive guide on where to find reliable non-government sites that carry great cannabis and cannabis products. Starting with the basics from research and reviews to shipping […]